COMMISSION – Winnie the Pooh

Progress and process notes for the first QQ Commission!

What was requested-

4-6 inch figure, based and painted.
Winnie the Pooh & Piglet embracing. Please include a honey pot and “K+C” somewhere within the piece.

**Special Request for time-lapse video of the project**

I admit, I was a bit nervous to take on such iconic characters! I spent a couple of hours just drawing Pooh & Piglet while I tried to better acquaint myself with them. I finally got the hang of it and was able to draw up some pretty cute concept art! I tend to dislike my drawings but this one turned out so great!

Concept Art – Winnie the Pooh and PigletĀ 

After I finished that, I drew up a scale and armature reference so I can stay on track with the size of each individual piece.

Scale and Armature reference

Since this whole piece kind of revolves around how the honey pot sits, I decided to start with it! There is a small armature within it that extends below the base of it. I wanted to make sure I could secure it easily to the base.


And like every other time I sit something down, the next day I came back to it and decided it needed something *more*





Updates will be added periodically

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