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Thank you for your interest in commissioning a sculpture!

My style is evolving every day and I am always looking for new challenges. Pricing for commissions will vary depending on the level of detail, size, and style. Caricature pieces have additional cost associated with the extra time put into the details and finish.
At this point I have not done figures smaller than 54mm scale. If you wish to contact me about the possibility of something smaller, please email me at before submitting a commission request.

The time associated with the individual styles that I work in can make it difficult to estimate a time frame for the finish of a piece. When your commission is moved to the Active list I will be able to send you more information.

What can you commission? Anything, really! Here are some ideas!

  • Caricatures
  • Iconic Characters
  • Sentimental Pieces
  • Figures
  • Busts [My standard busts are 4″]
  • Tabletop Terrain
  • Statuettes
  • and more!

The possibilities are endless!

After you submit a request you will be contacted via email with more information! Don’t forget to have any reference photos ready to provide. 

All commissioned pieces will require a non-refundable Deposit fee – used for supplies like clay, basing material, etc;. This fee will be included in the overall price and will be dependent on the specifics of the sculpture. 

I look forward to sculpting some amazing things for you!

**DISCLAIMER** I don’t really do replica pieces. There are a lot of great creators out there that offer exact replicas! My work will feel like it’s in the universe of the subject matter, but I try to stay away from replicating things all around. Thank you!



I can be contacted via email with any questions, concerns, or commissions not available through the submission form.



What materials do you use?

Most of my pieces are made of Super Sculpey – Firm. Once I start making larger pieces I will be using Monster Clay to sculpt and will create molds in which to cast pieces from.
Armature materials vary depending on the nature of the sculpt. Aluminum Armature wire has been my go-to and fill with Aluminum Foil and Masking Tape.
Some of my pieces include various “other” materials such as recycled vintage jewelry.

How big are your sculptures?

My sculptures are various sizes. The majority of my mini busts are around 4 inches tall without a base. The scale of the piece is something that can be discussed during our brainstorming process. My experience, so far, has been making things that fit in my hand. If you have more questions about what scale sculpture you are looking for, please ask!

What is a Showcase Piece?

Great question! My Showcase Pieces are larger than my average sculptures and are usually mounted on some kind of formal base. It is not limited to such features, though, as Showcase Pieces can also be larger scale busts or statuettes!
An example Showcase Piece can be found here

Will my commission be painted? 

That’s up to you! If you would like me to paint it then it will be included in the price quoted to you. If you would rather the piece be provided blank that is no problem at all.