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Thank you for your interest in commissioning a sculpture!

Here is a little bit of information about the process so you can better understand what will happen once you submit using the form below.

With all artists there comes personal style and preference. My work has a very distinct feel and it is something I am very proud of! That being said, I tend to lean more toward a caricature mindset when starting a project. Let’s use some of my past pieces for example!

Sam’s Personalized Chubby Unicorn

As you can see from the reference photo above, this piece is highly animated and super fun! This idea came to mind when I was chatting with a friend- as she boasted eating mac’n’cheese and drinking wine from a sippy cup.
There are a few things I like to consider when going into a project such as this…

  • Subject/Character Relation – In this project I chose a chubby little unicorn because I knew that my friend adored them.

In commissioned projects that are personal like this one, I may ask about favorite animals, characters, hobby, etc;

  • Action & Purpose – Static is boring! Think of what a character in a sculpt might be doing in relation to the purpose of the sculpt- creating a direct and personal connection to the person the sculpt is for.

IMG_20180923_105046Another chubby little unicorn made for my daughter. For this project I thought of all of her favorite things and what she could relate to in a special unicorn of her own.

Singing and bows. Can’t go wrong there!

This is a great example of a generic character idea that can be personalized to an individual.

When a commission is submitted you will be contacted about figuring out all of these things. The action and purpose of a piece can be an evolving factor.
Don’t be intimidated by these considerations when brainstorming your project. We will work together!

  • Expression & Accessories – Who doesn’t love to accessorize?! & what’s a better accessory than the vast variety of facial expressions we have at our disposal? This is my favorite part of the caricature process. A facial expression brings personality and emotion that is essential to defining the piece.


Take a gander at this WIP from my Extra Life Charity Sculpt. It is clear that the character is focusing on playing a game. This was accomplished with tiny tweaks to the face; and the proportions of the hands to the controller lend to this being a younger gamer.
These factors can make a simple idea go a long way. I want to make sure that the piece(s) I make send the intended message clearly.

What you want from accessories and overall expression may not be obvious at first. Communication will be open and you will be able to collaborate with me about the project, and what is best for the piece you want.

Caricatures of my children – WIP
  • Resemblance & Recognition – Creating a caricature of an individual is a fun process. I start with studying the details of a face to establish what makes a person recognizable. Once I have decided on the characteristics to focus on, I then consider the way exaggeration will effect the overall look. The main goal is to use these features to accentuate the personality of an individual and not take away from resemblance and familiarity.


This is a mini bust I did of my good friend Velokk_tv, a fellow content creator on TwitchTV. I’ve spent a few years staring at this man’s face. When I started this sculpt I hated it because I thought I knew what I needed to do.  I ended up scrapping it and starting fresh.
It wasn’t until I took time to actually study his face a bit that I was able to find the features I needed for resemblance.


If you are wanting a recognizable caricature like these, please make sure to have at least 3 photos to provide for reference! Mention your favorite feature(s) of the individual [even if it’s yourself] and communicate any concerns you may have.

After you submit a request you will be contacted via email with more information! Don’t forget to have any reference photos ready to provide. 

All commissioned pieces will require a non-refundable Deposit fee – used for supplies like clay, basing material, etc;. This fee will be included in the overall price and will be dependent on the specifics of the sculpture. 

I look forward to sculpting some amazing things for you!

**DISCLAIMER** I don’t really do replica pieces. There are a lot of great creators out there that offer exact replicas! My work will feel like it’s in the universe of the subject matter, but I try to stay away from replicating things all around. Thank you!



I can be contacted via email with any questions, concerns, or commissions not available through the submission form.



What materials do you use?

Most of my pieces are made of Super Sculpey – Firm. Once I start making larger pieces I will be using Monster Clay to sculpt and will create molds in which to cast pieces from.
Armature materials vary depending on the nature of the sculpt. Aluminum Armature wire has been my go-to and fill with Aluminum Foil and Masking Tape.
Some of my pieces include various “other” materials such as recycled vintage jewelry.

How big are your sculptures?

My sculptures are various sizes. The majority of my mini busts are around 4 inches tall without a base. The scale of the piece is something that can be discussed during our brainstorming process. My experience, so far, has been making things that fit in my hand. If you have more questions about what scale sculpture you are looking for, please ask!

What is a Showcase Piece?

Great question! My Showcase Pieces are larger than my average sculptures and are usually mounted on some kind of formal base. It is not limited to such features, though, as Showcase Pieces can also be larger scale busts or statuettes!
An example Showcase Piece can be found here

Will my commission be painted? 

That’s up to you! If you would like me to paint it then it will be included in the price quoted to you. If you would rather the piece be provided blank that is no problem at all.