I am a former freelance Content Moderator who is in recovery from a stress induced psychotic break. The things I saw in the 6 months I was moderating social media content became the perfect storm in my otherwise well-grounded mind.
Everyone knows of the dark side of the internet but what you think you know is only a fraction of it. Every day we use the internet to stay connected, keep updated, and educated. And every day unseen heroes protect us from being subjected to the worst of the worst. This is from one of the unseen.


You are just 2 years old
Learning to toddle and move on your own
The formative years! 
Give them bright colors and soothe all their fears
So young and care-free

Imagine a world where you’re 2, maybe 3
What’s normal for one is ab- for another
And drawing the line can cause quite a stutter
In these years you’re just learning to read
And yearning for something more that you need
The knowledge to grow and become oh-so-big
With all of the powers that come with the gig

You’ll have all the toys you ever could want
And stay up so late that you’ll welcome the sun
You’ll eat cereal for every meal
Never worry when you happen to spill
And every treat wont require a kiss
Or some kind of favor that comes with a twist
Uncle Jimmy won’t ask you to lift up your shirt
And you won’t wonder why loving must hurt

But today… 

You’re a 3 year old kid
And it’s normal to lick ice cream off a dick
It’s normal for grown men to touch you all over
And grown women to shove you under the covers
Normal friends are ones you touch ‘there’
Brothers and sisters that somebody ‘shares’
It’s normal to taste semen before you are ten
And not understand what it is to be ‘virgin’

No chance…

Not even at schools
The safest of places to learn all the rules
You train and have drills to hide in a closet
When one of your buddies finally lost it
Because no one would listen or no one would talk
When someone was different and decided to walk
Off of a ledge or to the dealer on 10th
Or by pursuit of the 2nd Amendment

You’re but a child who learned how you could
That not every treat is meant for your good
That monsters live in every corner
But it’s normal so you’ll donate a quarter
And everyone else is too occupied 
With impeaching a man for not being on side
A man with no power- but some, just the same
You give him the power when you recite his name
And give him more power when you run him from home
When everyone is just minding their own
When all of the effort is masking away
That every day there’s more ice cream to taste

We breed and we breed to an atomic fit
And complain and complain when taxes hit
But what do we do when it comes time to fix
The things that should matter on sides of a fence
We beat and we burden our neighbors and friends
To force all these labels on either; or kin

And then…

We sit back and wait
Because maybe someday something will change
But how can change come when there is none from us
When we take to a tweet to defend uncle Chuck
Or donate a dollar when we buy a new phone
And toss a few pennies so the GUILT will be gone
We sit back and do nothing to steady a pace
Maybe we blog or we demonstrate

But what if…

We take down the fence and we educate
Defense for each other and not for the race
When will we take stand and fight for what’s right
Before we lose the right to stand up and fight

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