Don’t sit and wait for catalyst
As your heart begins to stop
Stop planning out your 12 step list
To climb back to the top

The hammer that you need
May never seem to fall
The moment that you wait to heed
May come too late to call

Due time is what you hope for
To brave the eye of storm
Cross off all the days gone by
And add them to the score

In those days, do you believe
That you gave it all you have?
Or were you obligated to be
More to them than what you had?

Our past can be a poison
It can taint our every thought
It can skew our vision
Of reason that we fought

What must now be considered
Is what others’ past has been
Do they hope for obligation?
Or beg release from sin?

Is it in their aching heart
To wave off sullied action?
Or are the efforts torn apart
And used to hold you captive?

Before you lose the light inside
I hope you find your clarity
To remain collected and decide
What reason it should be

I know you’re all alone, this time
Surrounded by all you need
Looked upon as if you chyme
With alarm at every lead

But in yourself I know you’ll find
The strength and comfort pleading
To listen to the voice inside
And not let it go fleeting

You know the dream that you deserve
You know what you can be
So take your charge and choose to serve
The only soul you need to feed

It’s easy to get lost
In comfort and grateful notion
The harder route- is looking out
And setting forth in motion

Allow yourself forgiveness
And anchor deep within
Find your soul so cold in there
And give it warmth again

If, in your heart, you can take
These chances and this leap
I know you’ll be the catalyst
You long for in your sleep

By Rachel Camp 04.09.2019

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