Wasteland Journal 001


Reclamation Day 2102.NOV.14

“So far I haven’t seen many of my friends from the vault. I shouldn’t be surprised with how busy I’ve been, myself. I have been traveling along the trails of the Overseer. I wonder what her thoughts were as she ventured into the unknown. I feel relief knowing that she had taken these same paths. All of these creatures are relentless, though- I hope she is well.
I was able to set up a small camp near a river. The view is nice and it keeps quiet for the most part. Acquired a fair amount of supplies. I, instinctively, assumed that paper money would hold more value.. however.. it seems that trade is being done with bottle caps? I remember reading of such practices in the dryest of lands.. I would never have assumed it now!
I hope to find more word of the Overseer soon…Tomorrow brings a new day, and new challenges. Reclamation Day was much rougher than anticipated but it has given me confidence.
In the morning I will pack up C.A.M.P. and continue onward.”
Suzanne Somner


“I got used to the hum of the vault. The sounds of nature seemed almost forgotten.
It’s strange to find such peace and still feel such sorrow. So many lost and so many names unknown.
We will rebuild this land. We will beat this wasteland.”
Suzanne Somner


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