Extra Life – Fright to Fight

43185941_2195134537440993_1722700159676055552_nThis past weekend DieNasT Gaming hosted Fright to Fight Charity Benefit. The team did an awesome job all weekend raising money for Extra-Life.org. Together they were able to raise $1,650 by the end of the event!
Awesome job, DieNasT Gaming! Keep doing amazing things and keep playing games #ForTheKids!

For this event, I started a Benefit Sculpture to be given away when the goal of $2,000 had been met.

You can check out the Team Page here!

Extra Life Benefit Sculpt

With this sculpture, I wanted to bring in the essence of what Extra Life is all about. So, I came up with the idea to have an idolic video game character protecting some kids as they played games. From there I went through several different character ideas but ultimately decided to go with Pit-Kun from Kid Icarus, also seen in Super Smask Bros.

Pit-Kun felt like the perfect fit for this project. Not only is he a kid as well, he has wings!


The wings worked out beautifully to portray the idea of protection. I didn’t want the piece to be just a couple of kids playing games, so I decided to find a bunch of Video Game items that either gave an extra life, or worked to prevent death within a game. With help from a lot of friends I was able to come up with, and narrow down, the items to a handful to use for this piece.


All of the individual parts are coming together nicely. The tiny couch I made it bright and fun, keeping the whole feel light hearted and joyful.

So far everything is ready for paint and some of it has been finished. I cannot wait to put everything together and take some pictures of what my mind created.


More coming soon! …

Updates will be posted as the process continues. 

Check out DieNasT Gaming
twitter – @dienastgaming
instagram – @dienastgaming
website – dienast.org

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