To My NasT Fam:

Hello and good morning, DieNasT fam!

After careful consideration and with a heavy heart- I must announce my official resignation as Owner of DieNasT Gaming.

My passions and ambitions, though steadfast, are not conducive to a successful partnership with Krumb. In order for the Organization to succeed in future endeavors, I need to step down and allow upper management to align their goals and processes without my influence.

Since I accepted partial ownership in July I have enjoyed getting to know more about you all and am proud of each and every one of you. It has been a pleasure to watch the community grow and the Teams work hard at their craft. DieNasT is on the road to success and I look forward to watching as I continue to follow and support, to the best of my abilities.

To help with this transition and ensure Krumb is not overwhelmed during this time, my DMs are open to anyone who has questions or concerns regarding this decision. This choice has been a tough one for me and I wish it was not one that is necessary. Moving forward there are no hard feelings and, although it is what is best for DieNasT, I will miss being such a large part of a great Organization.

Thank you all so much for the love and support during my time as owner. It has been a wonderful experience and opportunity that has opened up a world of possibilities. I wish the management team all the best and will be watching you all continue to succeed from the other side.

– SueZ

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